About BASE

Biomedical Association of Students for Excellence


Biomedical Association of Students for Excellence (BASE) is a non profit organization of students which is currently working for the welfare of Biomedical Sciences Students worldwide.

The basic moto of BASE is to help Biomedical Students and to make them connect with eachother and to provide them a platform where they can share thier valuable ideas.


Goals & Objectives:

  • To help Biomedical (BM) Students
  • To provide them a plateform where they can share thier ideas
  • To connect them with eachother
  • To make them familiar with the knowledge of Biomedical Engineering 
  • To make them familiar about the challenges & experiences of Biomedical Sciences
  • To keep them up-to-date with the news & events of Techonolgies, Science & Engineering
  • To keep them up-to-date with the activities being done in the department and the university
  • To enhance thier capabilities and confidence
  • To keep them connect also with other Biomedical Students all over the world

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News & Events:

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