Umbilikal (Providing Food For Thought...!)

UMBILIKAL (Providing The Food For Thought...!)
UMBILIKAL (Providing The Food For Thought...!)


For the upliftment of Biomedical Engineering worldwide. Biomedical Association of Students for Excellence (BASE), PAKISTAN &, INDIA  have started a initiative to promote the writing and comprehensive skills of the younger generation by helping them in reaching the world through this platform. This initiative has become international as it is being done collaboratively. 



Deadline extended upto 15th-Feb-2012

UMBILIKAL- International Biomedical Engineering E-Magazine

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UMBILIKAL (Providing The Food For Thought...!))
UMBILIKAL (Providing The Food For Thought...!))
Deadline extended upto 15th-Feb-2012



About UMBILIKAL E-Magazine


About the E-Magazine

UMBLIKAL is joint venture of Biomedical Association of Students for Excellence  (BASE) Pakistan and from India for Biomedical Engineers and Health Sciences Professionals of the world.

The vision of UMBLIKAL is to provide a platform for Health Technologists and Healthcare specialists from India and Pakistan for addressing the health challenges faced in these two countries and South Asia particularly . 
UMBLIKAL will help in construction of a healthy and peaceful relations between Pakistani and Indian Biomedical Engineers and Healthcare Professionals and provide a platform in order to share knowledge and experience. This will also help young Engineers in staying up to date with the latest research going on in the field of Biomedical Engineering. It will also create a pool of information which would be open source and accessible to all.

It is based on the importance of duty, integrity, ethics, honor and loyalty to enhancement of Biomedical Engineering and Medical Technology.


UMBILIKAL invites articles for its upcoming e-magazine.

All professionals, researchers and students from healthcare field are requested and invited hereby to send their articles, ideas and experiences for the improvement of healthcare facilities by the dissemination of knowledge.


Criteria: Articles must be original material of the person and must be written in Times New Roman 12 Font Size,

Send your articles at


Deadline: 15th Feb 2012

Deadline extended upto 15th-Feb-2012

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UMBILIKAL (Providing Food For Thought...!) The First International E-Magazine for Biomedical Engineering Students Launched
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