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Biomedical Students Innovation Contest 2011 (BIOSIC '11)
Biomedical Students Innovation Contest 2011 (BIOSIC '11)



Biomedical Students Innovation Contest 2011 (BIOSIC '11)


Biomedical Students Innovation Contest (BIOSIC '11) event organised by the students of 2k11 Batch and 2k10 Batch of the Biomedical Engineering Department under the supervision of thier teacher Engr. Salman Afridi, Lecturer took place on the 5th October 2011. The event was inaugurated by  Prof. Dr. B. S. Chaudhry, Dean FEECE, MUET along with Dr Ahsan Ursani, Chairman Biomedical Engineering Department. The event comprised of three major categories, where the student’s skills were analysed and put to test.

The first category was the Model/Prototype Designing in which the students exhibited their ability to make innovative models on different areas of Biomedical Engineering. 


The second category was about Poster Display where the students presented thier posters in which they demonstrate key concepts of Biomedical Engineering.


The final category of the event was the quiz competition in which the students got a chance to prove their conceptual knowledge in the field of Biomedical Engineering. 


BIOSIC '11 was a huge success, where the students of the department were provided an opportunity to display their proficiency, skills and knowledge in thier field.

BIOSIC '11 was a mere idea, a couple of months ago. The teamwork and endeavours of the organising committee brought life into it and set a stage for upcoming events. The event was a true reflection of the sincere efforts and dedication of Engr. Salman Afridi (Supervisor) and volunteering students of  2k11 Batch of Biomedical Engineering Department.

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